Connecting Clean Technologies to Asia

Accelerating the transfer and deployment of low carbon technologies into developing Asia

Technology Adopters

  • Providing you with access to proven clean technologies
  • Matching you with the best technology
  • Supporting your commercial, technological, and legal due diligence


Technology Providers

  • Monetizing your existing technology Assets
  • Developing a market for your technology
  • Validating your competitive advantage in Asia



Energy efficiency refers to technologies that reduce the energy needed while providing the same level of performance. It includes a wide range of technologies from more efficient power drives to smart energy management systems to more efficient LED lighting and HVAC systems.

Water Treatment refers to a group of technologies ( such as MBR, MBBR, desalination, ultra filtration) used to treat waste water or effluent.

Waste-to-Energy refers to technologies that recover valuable energy resources from waste materials. Common waste materials are Municipal Solid Waste (MSW or garbage) and agricultural waste (such as sugar cane bagasse, palm oil empty fruit bunch).

Solar technologies utilize the abundant irradiation from the sun to provide energy services like electricity and heating. These technologies provide a sustainable way to meet the growing energy needs of developing Asia.

Energy storage has been used to fill the gap between generation and use (i.e. using energy generated in the previous night). This need has increased in recent times as intermittent sources like Solar and Wind energy introduce greater variation in energy generation.

Pollution Control technologies are helpful in inhibiting and reducing the harmful CO2/SOx/NOx emissions from processes used in a wide range of industries.