About Us

What We Do

IPEx Cleantech Asia is a one-stop-shop for clean technologies matching, advisory and deal facilitation in Asia – our value proposition is in working with technology owners worldwide, and technology users or project developers in Asia to de-risk, lower costs, and accelerate the associated commercial, regulatory and legal processes.

IPEx Cleantech can help cleantech companies worldwide monetize their technologies in emerging Asian markets by finding the right distributorship, licensing and/or joint venture local partners. From a technology adopter perspective we scout for opportunities globally, and arrange patent acquisition, licensing, JV and M&A transactions. Our focus areas are – Waste to Energy, Solar, Energy Efficiency, Energy Storage, Pollution Control and Water/Wastewater technologies, which we bring to a range of sectors including process industries, Oil & Gas, off-grid applications, manufacturing and several more across Asia.

In addition to the above, by providing a platform for efficient knowledge sharing on low-carbon technologies (LCTs), IPEx Cleantech aims to bring together public organizations, private companies and research institutions who are looking to use, sell or license vetted commercialized technologies to address the challenges of climate change, in turn facilitating, developing and streamlining the ecosystem for transfer of the associated intellectual property (IP). Indeed IPEx Cleantech had already, for nearly a year, been working towards achieving the very same goals as the Mission Innovation initiative just launched at COP21.


  • Pre-qualification of counterparties and technologies;
  • Enhanced due diligence (patent, technical, commercial/financial & legal);
  • Cross border deal structuring (e.g. IP licensing, joint venture) and negotiation support;
  • Advice on dispute resolution procedures (including patent protection);
  • Access to financing if needed.

Technology companies looking to monetize their R&D are now able to find prospective adopters/buyers in Asia through our platform, extending the reach to new customers in emerging markets, without the need to pre-establish a local footprint.

Similarly Asia-based project developers & systems integrators looking to fast track their technology development process can rely on IPEx Cleantech Asia to actively identify potential low carbon technology providers from around the world.

We bring our expertise in IP/patent assessment and our experience in financial, legal and technical services for technology valuation and transfer.