Technology providers from around the world that are looking to monetize their technologies can now find prospective adopters/buyers in Asia through our platform, extending their reach to customers in emerging markets, without the need to have established a local footprint.


Project developers and systems integrators based in Asia and looking to fast track their technology development process can rely on IPEx Cleantech Asia to actively identify potential low carbon technology providers from around the world that are tailored to your needs.


Monetizing your existing technology Assets
IPEx can assist you in developing business strategies, to fully realize the commercial potential of your technology. These may include technology sale agreements, partnerships or licensing arrangements.

Developing a market for your technology
Leveraging on the expanding Asian network of our team and IPEx partners, IPEx can expand your reach to technology adopters, which include clean energy projects, collaborative partners or technology portfolio managers.

Validating your competitive advantage in Asia
IPEX has a strong team of experts to validate your technology and business plan. IPEx has a combined 40+ years of experience of technology, commercial and legal experience advising clean technology companies in Asia. With this support, your technology will have increased traction amongst potential adopters.


Providing you with access to proven clean technologies
IPEx maintains a growing database of screened clean technologies that exhbit strong commercial potential and ready to be adapted to Asia.

Matching you with the best technology
IPEx will source clean technologies based on your needs and strategy, based on a worldwide database of suitable technologies. If required, IPEx can assist you in formulating a technology strategy and a tailored search criteria, to find a technology that best suits your needs.

Supporting your Commercial, technological, and legal due diligence
IPEX has a strong team of experts to faciliate the selection and validation of technologies. IPEx has a combined 40+ years of experience in technology, commercial and legal due diligence and risk mitigation.